Welcome to the new 2018/19 Race season at Pegasus Bay Drag Racing Club.


At the AGM a new committee was selected, The Club's New President is Morgan Bothwell.


We look forward to the coming season being bigger, better and faster than ever before.

For the newcomers we hope that we have your support for the coming season with an all new committee.

For the supporters, racers and very generous sponsors a big thank you for helping us make it possible to burn rubber this coming season.


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The New committee is as follows


President - Morgan Bothwell

Vice President - Sonya Thompson

Secretary - Ben Mayhew


Andy Walker

Kris Robb

Paul Karton

Steve South

Daniel McTeigue

Poster Sesson Dates

Brief Club Summary

Pegasus Bay Drag Racing Club is 100% volunteer organized and operated. Thanks to the efforts of our volunteers we are able to provide drag racing events for motorsport enthusiasts and the drag racing community.

Our events are a great opportunity for racers to put their cars and bikes to the test on our quarter-mile track and provides our spectators with high octane action all season long!

Pegasus Drag Racing Club

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